• Lorna Ilena Bussue

Destiny's Script

When Emeralda got on the scene, his belly was already distended and only the white could be seen in his open sightless stare. The ambulance was already summoned and a neighbor was brushing away the ants that were already collecting on his body. Someone had thoughtfully put his head to rest on a folded towel in order to make his body more comfortable. There was not much anyone could do now, except wait for the ambulance. He had unfortunately collapsed in his pathway, on his short walk from the village main road to his home.

As Emeralda breaks the trail of ants leading to his motionless body she felt a sense of helplessness. She cried in her heart at the pathos of his situation. Was this the script of his

fate? Similar situations crowded her mind, of loved ones who faded away while under the doctor's care. She grappled with the knowledge that even though it is our fate to die, the nature of our circumstance was known only to destiny.

Emeralda is keenly aware of the potency of our lives and the way our choices can influence its quality. In that regard, we owe it to ourselves to ensure that our habits promote positive, healthy outlooks. It is therefore unwise to dwell on those qualities, such as destiny, over which we have little control.

Her experiences have led to the discovery that there is no connecting link to the present to foretell the outcome of the next moment in our lives. Although we may have faith and a belief system of what we would like it to be, there is actually no reality until it happens. The enormity of the uncertainty of our life is beyond comprehension, making care a vital part of our existence.

This uncertainty also makes it necessary for us to have a plan of action. Sometimes our conscience cannot live with a plan we have made which may be stifling our inner peace. Emeralda considers herself fortunate in being able to rectify her situation before it totally destroys her. She chose to nullify a marriage which was sapping the life from her soul. Although she cannot see into the realms of the future, her spirit of hope continues to burn inside her with the conviction that her tomorrows will be brighter based on her decision. She is thankful that God's gift of love to her still warms her soul.

Looking back at her neighbour's plight, Emeralda is happy for the first care which was given to him before professional help arrived. She feels that even in his state of unconsciousness, his soul was alive in a different space that we cannot comprehend. Through caring, we demonstrate a selfless quality which indicates our hope for a positive outcome. This is one of the virtues which causes Emeralda to focus on the optimism of life rather than the unknown probabilities of our destiny.


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