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Updated: May 16, 2019

As she laid there in nothingness, everything temporal lost time and meaning. She knew nothing, but later, her very young children will simplify the situation and say, "You laid there without moving". Emeralda's knowledge of an immortal soul was revealed when she found herself standing close to a tree of indescribable height and foliage. The trunk was so thick and the branches so green as to be incomparable. She tried to grasp an overhanging branch to swing to the elevated pasture, There was a wall dividing her from the field of waving grass. The grass was made golden from the bright light which shone across the field. Running alongside the wall was a trickling stream which served to separate her from the elevated field.

As Emeralda tried to grasp the branch, it rose higher as though resisting her intention. As she became aware of herself, she realized that she was lying on her bedroom floor. She was told that after lying for a period on the Living Room floor, where she was knocked unconscious, she got up and ran to the bedroom where she collapsed on the floor. Emeralda had absolutely no knowledge of what transpired, from the time she was hit, until she became conscious. Her consciousness was accompanied by the most searing, unbearable headache possible. Yet the experience she had of being in a different setting, was life like. It was the only thing that was clearly defined in her mind.

Emeralda was knocked unconscious, simply for stating an opinion, which obviously met disapproval. She escaped a near fatal situation. This experience cemented in her, the knowledge that our life is an immortal soul. Once our soul exits the body we become a lifeless form. She knows that our souls are controlled by our Creator.

Emeralda felt the keenness of our fragility, even in the face of grandiose accomplishments. She was forced to acknowledge that our greatest strength can only be realized, if it is built on love and respect.


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