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Suspended in Time

Updated: Feb 9, 2019

Emeralda got a glimpse of her horizon and liked what she saw. The possibility of being with the one whom she truly loves looked promising. She also anticipated a change of career which would open up a world where she would be free to express her thoughts in a manner both unique and captivating. It seems as though the moment had come for her dreams to be realized but things started falling into place in a manner she little expected.

Emeralda never had a reason to question her sensibility but twenty-eight years in a farce marriage had pained her heart to the extent that she could no longer remain in a relationship when her heart belonged to another. She loved Yvan with all of her heart and now she can finally put aside all of the mitigating factors which kept her chained in a loveless marriage for such a long time.

Her perfect horizon started vaporizing in front of her very eyes when she realized that being forever with her true love could only happen within her heart. It also dawned on her that the Administrative machinery that was put in place for effective transfers from one department to another was not impartial, thus her transfer was nullified.

Her horizon turned from a rosy hue to black onyx, when she saw that her constant income will now plummet to a pension. This would mean that she will no longer be able to take care of her financial obligations.

The changes were almost imperceptible at first. She started sleeping less and less until insomnia stepped in. The experience where sleep kept eluding her was a terrible one. This left her tired, drained and tormented. She grew anxious and worried. Her anxieties were centered on Yvan as she wondered whether she would lose him a second time. The first time that he was in her life, she foolishly traded her love for marriage. As a result she suffered terribly as she had never stopped loving him. Now she wondered if they will ever be together forever.

She also feared for the termination of her daughter's schooling as she could no longer meet her financial obligations. This kept her pacing the house at nights. She lost the desire to eat and became disinterested in performing household chores. Her advice to anyone experiencing these troubling symptoms is to immediately seek medical help along with taking lots of rest.

In her mind's eye, her family's interest in her well-being was very restorative to her health. This has led her to be very appreciative of familial encouragement.

Emeralda has come to the realization that it is important to prepare the mind to accept the inevitable to allow healing to begin. As such she has accepted the fact that Yvan will always be the love of her heart but that their lives have gone in different directions. Having accepted what is important in her life has not only led to her healing but also caused her to experience mental growth.

Knowing that mental wellness is of key importance to healthy living has led her to develop a plan of action to pursue those things that will promote it. Writing is one of the activities that she engages in to stay mentally alert. She finds it therapeutic as clear thought patterns can be dealt with rationally.


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