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Workplace Hazards

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

Emeralda's past experiences have shown her that there are two elements of the work environment that can have far reaching effects on an employee's health.

Exclusion from work can lead not only to loss of self esteem but to a gradual deterioration of mental health. Emeralda is aware that the Nevis Island Administration, like most democratic societies, has a normative framework which disallows exclusion or discriminatory practices. She however, found herself disadvantaged when her rights to work were blatantly disregarded by personnel in the Information Department of the Administration.

She advises any worker who is in a similar situation, to seek recourse to redress the problem.

Another factor, often overlooked by workers, is the low temperatures of the air conditioner which can contribute to workers poor health.

The purpose of air conditioning, in both domestic and commercial environments, is to improve the comfort of occupants. However, if poorly regulated,it may cause havoc on a person's health. It has been proven that sudden changes in temperature and humidity can affect the respiratory system. Also airborne dust and fungi have been known to cause allergic reactions.

Emeralda recalls always having a general feeling of sickness during her two year tenure at the Information Department. However, routine medical checks revealed no signs of physical illness. She soon realized, particularly after a visit to the hospital, that she always felt revived while outside of the work environment.

During her tenure, she frequently suffered from bouts of breathlessness and occasional sore throat. After her forced retirement, she realized that there were dramatic improvements in her health conditions.

Emeralda researched the cause of the ailments which bombarded her during those two years and discovered that a correlation exists between the symptoms experienced and the air conditioning.

The findings have revealed that air conditioning is associated with chronic rhinitis and pharyngitis, throat irritation and hoarseness. If individuals are affected by the work environment, it is advisable to seek remediation in order to remain physically and mentally well.


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